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Christmas is Coming

Wednesday, October 28 2015

Join my Team Todayrecruit - xmas just around cornerThe holiday season is upon us! A I know, it doesn't seem possible that it is already here.A Sign up today to become an Avon Ind. Sales Representative so that you will get to reap the rewards this season. A There is a lot of shopping to be done, and why not receive some of that money that will be spent by consumers this year. A Our products are top quality, and very affordable for the average family.If you are not fully acquainted with Avon, please browze my eStore at, to see all the fantastic things we have. A There are many many great products coming out soon for holiday shopping, and lots of great gifts, from stocking stuffers, makeup, skincare, bath and body, fashion, children's, men's (that's right, we have great gifts for men too!), to fine jewelry. There is something for everyone!You will receive a Free Website, Free training at the Avon University (on your website), A You will receive ongoing mentoring. A No inventory and no home parties are required. A We at Avon help each other, and want to see you succeed!$$Most new Representatives start with their friends and family. A That is a great way to get started. A Make a list and giveA them a Brochure, and ask them to share with their friends and family that you are an Avon Rep, and there you go, you are on your way!Your commission is based on the amount of your total sales for that Campaign. A The more you sell, the more you make, of course.There are 26 Campaigns every year. A A new Campaign every two weeks. A That means a new Brochure every two weeks. A I always love it when the new Brochures arrive, and I can sit and browze and see new products, and new sales and specials. A It is new and fresh every two weeks. A I love it.Contact me and I will walk A you through the sign-up process, or if you are local to me, I will meet with you and we will get you signed up. It is easy peasy! Takes a few minutes A You will receive your starter kit, which includes everything you need to get started. You can start making $ right away. A Whata??s not to like about this opportunity?Your success is unlimited, it is completely up to you!To sign up online go to: or Text: 916-207-6251Or email: